Craig David – Unbelievable

I sometimes wonder why people listen to some songs. If you’re in love,  in this song you may feel as though this guy has taken your thoughts and put them in a way you were unable to. It can bring many to tears.

Still it saddens me how shallow some songs can be. Would you believe that someone somewhere is listening to “Ita Waiter”?

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Francesca Battistelli: “Be Born In Me (MARY)” – Official Lyric Video

I heard this song on Sunday in church this week. A young lady called Roseanne (I think!) delivered it so powerfully. You feel the passion with which Mary sang the Magnificat and it is easy to find yourself asking the same of the Lord for yourself, that He may be born in you. At least that’s what happened to me!


See you Monday

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Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

This week I watched the full 3 hour video of Whitney Houston’s funeral service. There was a lot of buzz about how Whitney made the whole world go to church via CNN. Pastor Marvin Winans was on point. The saddest bit for me was the end when they played this song as they rolled the casket away. It was Whitney bidding farewell to all of us.

There was a time I would have been very unforgiving towards people who were involved in any addiction and had this ‘serves you right’ ‘holier than thou’ attitude. But these days I realise how powerful addictions can be and how hard it is to fight. I think just admitting you have a problem is probably the hardest thing to do.

Kwaheri Whitney.

See you Monday

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More Than I can bear: Christian music video Dedicated to Steve Harvey

This is an interesting video I found that was made by a young man specifically with Steve Harvey in mind but also for any Christian going through a struggle.

I think the song is originally by Kirk Franklin.

See you Monday.

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“More Than I Can Bear”

I’ve gone through the fire
And I’ve been through the flood
I’ve been broken into pieces
Seen lightnin’ flashin’ from above
But through it all I remember
That He loves me
And He cares
And He’ll never put more on me
Than I can bear

I said
Never put more on me
No no
Never put more on me
Unh unh
Never put more on me
His word said He won’t
I believe it
I recieve it
I claim it
It’s mine
No he’ll never
Put more on me
Than I can bear
Can bear

Who am I? – Casting Crowns

This is a wonderful song that reminds us of how great God is and how great a privilege it is that He would even think of us let alone love us. This is something we easily forget when the devil gets us to feel entitled to God’s attention, provision and care.

Enjoy. See you Monday

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