More Than I can bear: Christian music video Dedicated to Steve Harvey

This is an interesting video I found that was made by a young man specifically with Steve Harvey in mind but also for any Christian going through a struggle.

I think the song is originally by Kirk Franklin.

See you Monday.

Tuendelee kuongea

“More Than I Can Bear”

I’ve gone through the fire
And I’ve been through the flood
I’ve been broken into pieces
Seen lightnin’ flashin’ from above
But through it all I remember
That He loves me
And He cares
And He’ll never put more on me
Than I can bear

I said
Never put more on me
No no
Never put more on me
Unh unh
Never put more on me
His word said He won’t
I believe it
I recieve it
I claim it
It’s mine
No he’ll never
Put more on me
Than I can bear
Can bear