This blog is meant to explain the gap that normally arises between what we set out to be, do, or have in a certain time period and what we end up being, doing or having instead at the end of that period.

Every Monday I will have either 5 good excuses for blogging or 5 really good excuses for not blogging. If you really want to do or escape doing something, three excuses is too few and seven is too much. Five is just right!

On Friday I will share a link to a song together with lyrics. This is from a long lists of songs I have taken time to notice the lyrics and/or been inspired somehow by them.

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  1. I just dont have words for this, am in tears, and its just so inspirational. Always thought am the only one passing thru difficulties but ave realised many have passed through much than i do and at the end of all, they conquered. Am greatly inspired. Congrats for the good work…….my friends gonna know about this.

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