Are Kenyan female gospel musicians more serious?

I know it has been a while since I last posted. I have no excuse.

This is just a thought. I love the music of Kambua, Mercy Masika, Angel Benard, Size 8 (when she doesn’t collaborate with folks like Willy Paul), the list seems endless. Male artists like Jimmy Gait, Willy Paul who come up with words like Furi furi, Sari Sari and all manner of idiotic phrases, aiii! I suppose maybe I’m not their target audience (I’m being generous here assuming they have one). Nyashinski has amazed me with Mungu Pekee. Sauti Sol impressed me with Kuliko Jana.These songs are more ‘gospel’ to me than anything I’ve heard from other male artists.

Today I’ll share a video from Kambua. The quality of the vocals, doctrinal soundness of the lyrics, video clarity wah! Amazing.

What do you think?

Tuendelee kuongea