Here she is!


So the deed is done. This 1999 Honda 750cc Africa Twin is now in my possession. The decision is beginning to look irreversible. This whole thing is a great spiritual experience for me. God is ordering my steps. I wish I could say it is because of the good things I’m doing for him or my immense faith that is causing all this to happen. Faith! Ha! I have had near sleepless nights worrying about whether this will actually happen and wondering whether I’ve bitten off more than I could chew. Someone asked me yesterday whether I’m feeling as though I made a mistake to get into this. It made me think about it for a while. 

No! I’m not making a mistake. The newspaper ad campaign that started on Saturday brought the issue closer home by actually listing by name all the 50 children who will benefit from this venture. Is it daunting? Yes. Is it scary? Yes. Am I nervous? Yes. But I’m not making a mistake. I’m making a difference.

So anyway, I picked up the bike on Friday night. I had been very concerned last week about beating the deadline for having the bike logbook by Sunday. So I prayed and asked friends to pray with me. And in answer to our prayers I got the logbook on Thursday. This experience made me curious on Friday and very anxious when the bike seller called and said that he may have to travel so we would need to wrap this up before he leaves. My rationale was simple. If I had prayed for the logbook and got it on Thursday, why not pray for the bike and get it on Friday? Couldn’t the God of the Thursday logbook be the God of the Friday bike? He was!

On Saturday some Jubilee riders got together to see off Florian who is driving from Nairobi to Brazil (don’t even ask, we’re all crazy, it’s just the degree that varies!)  We escorted him to Naro Moru.


It was an interesting opportunity to test out the new bike and begin to “become one” with it. It really is a powerful bike but amazingly maneuverable and stable. It is also quite imposing and if you’re not deliberate, humility becomes a struggle!


In fact the thing that kept me ‘in my place’ was Pastor Nick’s BMW GS1200 new baby.


This thing is HUGE!

On Sunday we had a documentation meeting at Nairobi Chapel. We met the Faith, our travel agent who is dealing with the SA visas. We met Oyunga Pala and his team from Spielworks, the media company shooting a reality show around the ride. I met the other riders and enjoyed the usual camaraderie and brand bashing. You see, we are seven riders. Three BMWs, three Yamahas and then me, the lone Honda. Each is convinced that the others will struggle to keep up with our brand. Sisemi kitu. But one thing was clear, those of us with the ‘smaller’ bikes ie below 1000cc will require regular self esteem counselling to cope with ourselves and the bigger bikes and their owners.

So today, 16 days to the ride, here are a few things I’d like to ask that you pray with me about.

1. Finances. Thank God for the giving that’s going on. Pledges are now just over 200k but there are many ’emerging’ issues. I need to acquire some more good riding gear, there are some spare parts and tools that also need to be bought.

2. I need to relax. No one will agree more about this than my wife. I find myself sometimes so consumed in the project that it seems to be getting out of hand. I need to remember constantly that this is God’s project and that he will be faithful to complete it.

3. Safety as I get used to the bike

4. Completion of all the deadlines, like today is the final day to have everything on the visa checklist done.

5. Sanity as I put some things in order at work and at home so that all is well in my long absence.

6. AOB

Thanks for all your support. Every encouraging text message (especially Mpesa!) counts.

Let’s do this!

Tuendelee kuongea


The Jubilee Ride

My friends,

After the sermon on the link below, I decided to “Get Dirty”

This is how I decided to do so. 

I pledged to be involved in the Jubilee Ride ( to Cape Town from 12th December this year to raise funds to provide secondary education to 50 underprivileged Kenyan children.

This decision was only made on Sunday, and God has been very faithful. Already, in the last two days, we have raised about 50% of the minimum Kshs. 270,000/- I need to participate in this ride. My desire would be that we raise a lot more than this minimum required. A lot more!

I would like to invite you to “get dirty” with me in the following ways

1. Give both money and ideas and help me raise the rest of the money in the remaining few days to the trip, share this status with your friends too.

2. Pray for the following
a) Item 1 above
b) Thanksgiving for what God has done so far
c) Thank God for my wife Caroline Mutunga, for her support in this project, both financially, prayer and emotionally. For her managing the home and our boys in my long absence.
d) Pray for me to get a good roadworthy bike for this trip. I already have a few good leads
e) Safety and good health for myself and the other riders and crews.
f) AOB!

3. Get dirty with me my friends, and let’s remain in touch as we serve God and our country together.



Tuendelee kuongea