Ok, I am now an undecided voter

Hey folks, It’s been a while.

Right now there is very little happening that does not relate to the forthcoming general elections. There seem to be almost daily opinion polls. Jubilee and CORD seem to be neck and neck racing towards the finish line.

An opinion poll published a day or two after last Monday’s presidential debate indicated who had made inroads into the ‘undecided’ vote. Well, I must say that for me, after the debate, I moved to the undecided wing!

Today I will mention four of the main candidates and, in keeping with the polls, talk about the ‘others’. Of course it is very difficult to tackle this entire issue in one blog post. The idea is simply to begin a discussion.

1. Raila Odinga (CORD)

Raila Odinga

No hard feelings I hope Agwambo, I have followed you and supported you through the years. I have seen you walk a tightrope between reformer, politician, government official, family guy and many of the other hats you wear. I have been very impressed by the way you have carried yourself as a leader. Even as I type this, I may still vote for you. But lately there are several things that are just raising questions for me.

Your choice of running mate is extremely wanting. I really believe Kalonzo Musyoka is a remnant of the Moi regime, cannot make up his mind on important issues and is very hard to keep as a friend. This wearing of new clothes to become a reformer doesn’t really convince me. In fact, of the people who surround you Raila, this one for me is the most worrying. Of course I have a big issue with you surrounding yourself with the likes of Anyang’ Nyong’o, Jakoyo Midiwo, Kajwang’, Dalmas, Orengo and others. This choice of confidants for me leaves you looking as nothing more than a tribal leader. The more involved this clique is in your campaign, the further I move from voting for you. Back to Kalonzo though, this “marriage of convenience” which seems to be more a survival tactic between the two of you and seemingly more supported by your handlers than the two of you, will only be strong during the campaign and may not last whether you win the election or not. Kalonzo seems to already imply that you have promised to support his presidential bid come 2017 (or 2018). You have not said anything publicly to my knowledge about this. It appears to me that if you two win, you will be unable to know what to do with each other going forward. You may look friendly when you’re just the two of you but I think the bickering between your handlers will be the end of you.

2. Uhuru Kenyatta (Jubilee)


I have never really liked Uhuru. I hate the fact that he seems to have everything many Kenyans long for and he seems to still want more. But these petty jealousies need not necessarily affect a choice as momentous as that of who will be the President of the Republic. Uhuru, you seem to be surrounded by opportunists who are using you so badly and it scares me as it appears you do not notice it. You just need to drive around especially now and see so many posters and campaign material by nondescript candidates who have your picture together with them. These are leeches who are only using you to achieve their own selfish agenda. A lot has been said about you and owning huge tracts of stolen land. My opinion is that you did not steal this personally and you cannot be held responsible for the sins of your father. During the debate you talked of the ICC as a ‘personal challenge’. This expression could have been the turning point in our relationship. For someone to refer to charges of crimes against humanity in an international court as a personal challenge? Aiii, that person is either extremely stupid and naive (which I believe you’re not) or he must have balls of steel. Now that is admirable in a leader. It seemed to me that you would just as courageously handle a national challenge and provide necessary leadership.

Your “marriage of convenience” with Ruto is also an issue for me. Both of you are surrounded by sycophants who could easily derail the nation. You are both basically surrounded by cartoons who do not weigh words before they say them and they are so combatant and their arrogance is only rivaled by their stupidity. I won’t mention names but I think you know who I mean. I believe there are those of your supporters who will not vote for you simply because of your association with Ruto and vice versa. I also believe that you will have a major problem with Ruto and his group if you win because they will want to be paid back, and they will demand a lot more than your handlers will allow you to give.

3. Martha Karua

Hon. Martha Karua

Martha has been unfairly treated by many people in many ways. She has had to fight her way through many challenges both personally and politically and has rightfully earned the title “Iron Lady” that has been used on her several times. She can make a great President. She has what it takes. My humble submission is that she will not be President soon. This is because despite what she would like us to believe, this country is not ready for Martha as President. Please note I did not say that the country is not ready for a woman president. The country is ready. Just not for Martha. I have met many people who have no problem with voting for a woman president. Just not Martha. This image of a rebel without a cause is hard to shake off. She walked out her husband (this is just speculation), President Moi, President Kibaki… Who knows who is next.

I once found an article online

The mediation process in Kenya needed the clout and mien of a motherly Graca Machel in order for Karua to mellow. Mama Machel had this to tell Karua. “Listen to me young lady. You have not seen life. I fought as a guerilla and I have been married to two heads of state. Please don’t be a nuisance and understand that we need a political solution not a legal one. We have the goodwill of the Kenyan people and the international community, if we can’t make progress with you we might have to kick you out and the process will continue without you!”

4. Peter Kenneth


I have struggled to choose between Peter Kenneth and Musalia Mudavadi for the number 4 slot. But Musalia seems to be walking from goof to goof. After enough times, the excuse of being in the wrong place at the wrong time is not convincing enough. Sijui Goldenberg, being Vice President for 16 minutes, Cemetery land saga, being duped into leaving Raila, playing Uhuru’s victim in an MOU and now looking stuck in a fight you don’t seem to want to be in. Argh! enough about him. Come to think of it, why was I even struggling?

Peter Kenneth is probably the best president Kenya will never have. At least not this time and not soon. He actually reminds me of Obama. He appears to have a bright political career ahead of him. If this thing was a beauty contest he would have won hands down. (No, I mean it, put your hands down Martha!)

If I were Peter Kenneth, (oh how I wish), I would have run for Nairobi Governor. I would have done in Nairobi what I have done in Gatanga and used that to launch into national politics. I also would be careful to not make my campaign look like an attempt to make Kenya look like it should be led by Old Starehians. But no one ever seems to listen to me!

5. The Others, Mudavadi, Ole Kiyiapi, Dida and Muite

These ones, I agree with Mutahi Ngunyi. It may actually be true of all candidates except Uhuru and Raila. They should not run. But if they run, it is so that when they lose, because they will, we will be able to tell them that we told them so. Ole Kiyiapi is a good guy. But he is not a politician. Dida has better prospects in comedy. Muite is holding on to what he lost a long time but thinks he still has, political relevance.

Tuendelee kuongea!