Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

This week I watched the full 3 hour video of Whitney Houston’s funeral service. There was a lot of buzz about how Whitney made the whole world go to church via CNN. Pastor Marvin Winans was on point. The saddest bit for me was the end when they played this song as they rolled the casket away. It was Whitney bidding farewell to all of us.

There was a time I would have been very unforgiving towards people who were involved in any addiction and had this ‘serves you right’ ‘holier than thou’ attitude. But these days I realise how powerful addictions can be and how hard it is to fight. I think just admitting you have a problem is probably the hardest thing to do.

Kwaheri Whitney.

See you Monday

Tuendelee kuongea


2 responses to “Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

  1. Hey bro, I’ve come to accept that it’s human nature to gleefully point a finger when you’re down. I always thought there was something godly, humble and pure about Whitney. But may be my human nature is getting the better of me, after all she was a lovely woman. Perhaps like you, I’ve recently been a little more humble. This came about following the Nancy Baraza thing and I noticed that for most Kenyans, her guilt was absolute. Then I saw the way great crowds met the ICC duo of UK & WR and it hit me. As a nation, our responses to any stimulus is not determined by fact or whatever else. We’re prisoners of prejudice and we’d twist the very laws of God to accommodate our weaknesses. Then somehow or other I started to struggle with certain weaknesses springing up in me. Yet I’d so gladly talk abt those very weaknesses expressed in other people. I discovered, like GK Chesterton said, that the problem with the world is me. Romans 7. God help me reach out with compassion towards those who’re fallen, not dance on their graves.

  2. Thanks sweetie for sharing this…Whitney for me was the prettiest lady I knew and she had a lovely heart, her music was great, she had a beautiful voice and I thank God for her life, may God rest her soul in eternal peace….As for addiction I have learnt with time not to point a finger or judge anyone cos we are all so human and it’s by God’s grace that we are who we are today.

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