Monday five – 07/11/2011

The mojo keeps reducing. One of these days I will stop writing. I find myself leaving the post until the last minute of Monday. Do you have any ideas? Being a serious blogger is tough business. Day by day I respect serious bloggers more and more. This is not an easy commitment. I intend to keep my end of the bargain till the very end. I once found a blogger who decided to chronicle her weight loss programme. The blog post eventually tapered off and to the best of my knowledge she is nowhere near as skinny as she had promised us and herself. It is hard enough to just push posts day by day, (unless of course you are Savvykenya while you get involved in the activities you have promised your readers, like losing weight, following Oprah’s advise daily for a year, chronicling your final days in a dying man’s journal, or even preparing yourself for the Boston marathon. At some point, especially when the rubber meets the road, it get harder.

Anyway, on to today’s issues.

1. Baba na Mama for a weekend

I am guilty, as some husbands are of taking my wife and what she does for granted. We all think that if she wasn’t around we would manage somehow. Well, I recently had a chance to test this for myself and I can tell you, I think I would be lost without my wife. Managing the boys, from ensuring that they have done their homework, showered without getting into an argument as if it is written somewhere on their backs that they will dissolve if they are washed more than once in any 24hr period, ensuring that their school uniforms are washed, ironed and decent. One has a notorious habit of forgetting his sweaters in school especially if it is meant to rain really hard the next morning. I did even think of stapling it to his shirt at some point. Books that were meant for homework are conveniently forgotten in school. Aiii. I am convinced that all mothers have a hidden power behind them that keeps them going without resorting to violence. My boys’ room sometimes looks like a bombing has just occured and the boys have just barely made it out alive. One more week of this and I would surely go insane. Big up to my wife, and all hardworking mothers everywhere. You surely are superwomen.

2. My dad joins Facebook

So this friend request came and it was a bit of an issue as to whether to accept or not. Not that I don’t like my dad. It’s just that I think he may be in for a bit of a shock. Ok, maybe I am being over-protective of him. Maybe I fear he will see things that may shock him, not on my profile or my wall of course, but those of my many fb friends, whose posts I cannot control. Maybe it is the many acronyms that may take a while to figure out. LOL does not mean Lots of Love, WTF does not mean Welcome to Facebook, etc. I guess it is my turn to feel this way. I am sure he felt like that when he had to leave me in school for the first time, send me to campus after warning me sternly to stay off politics, or even going home after our wedding. Oh well, whatever happens, I hope he will have fun in Facebook.

3. Kibaki and roads

I don’t think I will ever get over how well the Kibaki govt. has done on the road infrastructure of this nation. Thika road will be the crowning jewel in this excellent achievement. We are already getting confused on the few sections that are opened and there is more yet to come. I am not sure whether Moi reads this blog but every time I pass Thika Rd, I wanna call him and just say “Mzee, shame on you. You could have done this in 1988 if you wanted”. There was a time Kenyatta Avenue was so dilapidated it looked like a back alley in Kalundu Market. But please let’s be careful. The roads are good lakini let us drive reasonably and not treat them like little airstrips.

4. KFC and Planet yoghurt at the Junction

Hmmm… These are some of the activities my boys and I engaged in as I baba na mamad them. I gather KFC is the main cause of traffic as you enter this shopping mall. The more thorough searching of vehicles now is not helping the situation. KFC is an interesting experience. I cannot be doing this very often for the obvious reason that you would have to apply for a co-operative loan every so often to afford it. But just never go there when their computer systems decide to go on the blink. They do not seem to have any manual system they can use to sell. You will be stuck in the queue until they fix the system. This time it took long. The boys were getting tired and cranky and I still could not convince them we go to Kenchic. Then Planet Yoghurt, hmmmm… This is a good place. Very expensive but very good. Frozen yoghurt is a delightful experience. Don’t let the “only Ksh. 16 per 10g” fool you. It adds up quickly. I think between the three of us we had a kilo of yoghurt. Do the math. This was almost the same amount we had spent at KFC.

5. A Kalonzo Presidency

I know I may be flamed for this but it is beginning to look like this can actually happen. I read an article that almost convinced me that this can happen. It looks possible. More possible than it ever did. I am praying for our country. Even if it does happen, let me go on record that my gut feeling is that this would not be a good thing for our country. My reasons are varied and range from the sensible to the simply unexplainable. Kalonzo can easily end up being seen as the “least bad” option. What do you think?

Tuendelee kuongea


2 responses to “Monday five – 07/11/2011

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    Kibaki has done well for the roads, going to Kisii via Narok the road is smoooth all the way! Rural electrification too, now we have elec in shagz!

    And yes pray, because it’s either Kalonzo or Raila for president next year.

  2. 1. I’m loving this one….thanks sweetie for noticing what mothers do….and for giving me that chance, can we do this sometime soon????? Your to do list is just the one!!!! Appreciate you too.
    2. Hmmmmmm…..
    3. I agree…kudos to the Kibaki govt lakini kupotea kwa hizo by pass upstairs and downstairs ni kupotea for some of us …….not complaining, just saying.
    4. Still mad at KFC for coating their chicken with EGG!!!! As for planet yoghurt it’s amazing…..loved it…..maybe they shud make very small cups!!!
    5. Sijui kitu……..

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