Monday five – 31/10/2011

There are times I feel as though the blogging mojo is kwishaing. But I refuse for it to go until I finish my one year of blogging in February 2012. Feedback seems to keep me going. Very few people comment but I have met many people who say they have been blessed by the posts and songs here. So I will keep at it.

1. Gaddafi

The guy who is said to have once proclaimed himself king of kings met his sad end on, ironically, Mashujaa Day. I feel God always has the last word. It may look like you are beating God and it may even look as though He is just about to give up, then boom! “in your face…”. As details emerged about the way Gaddafi died, people experienced mixed feelings as I am sure many would have preferred for him to be captured alive and face trial like Mubarak. Mob-justice always leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Then later even more details emerge about how the Libyan government would meet many expenses for its people that in the rest of the world you have to ‘jipanga’ ie sort yourself out.

It seems there are only two ways that the life of a dictator can go. Either in death through illness that people do not show mercy about, or ultimately a humiliating assassination, or a prolonged court trial in which eventually the judges throw the book at you. Ok so I can’t count! It makes you appreciate true African statesmen, even if they only became such later in life, like Kenneth Kaunda, Festus Mogae, Joachim Chissano, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Nelson Mandela and at the risk of completely messing up the list, Daniel Moi.

One hopes the likes of Mugabe, Museveni, Meles Zenawi and others are watching current events carefully.

2. Imitation is flattering

Recently I received a pingback from a blog. This usually happens when some other blogger adds a link to a post in your blog. I could have ignored it but curiosity got the better of me. What I found was an amazing display of blogging plagiarism with impunity. Some idiot calls himself/herself/itself a blogger, yet all they do is pick posts from other bloggers, claim it as his/hers/its own. My post, he even thought he would give it a better title. The rest was copy pasted from this blog. On reading the blog I was amazed to recognize posts from other good bloggers I know. I am tempted to name and shame the person yet I feel if I was to do that then I would be driving traffic right into his/her/its blog and therefore playing right into his/her/its hands. After cooling down and realising the irony of it all, I decided to just let it slide. I even tweeted my fellow blogger victim and they seem to have decided it is no big deal. I even felt kinda honoured that someone would find my content worthy of stealing. What do you think I should do?

3. The Standard Chartered Marathon

I am so proud of my wife for participating for the first time this year. She was so committed to it she practiced very hard for the big day yesterday. And she managed to finish the women’s 10km portion of the marathon. Of course it will be a while before we begin making a living from her winnings but hey, it was a good start and it was all for a good cause. Who knows, maybe one of these Octobers, I may even join her. I mean in more ways than just praying for her and denying her busfare so that she can practice! Lol!

4. Bata T-mall

Now I normally do not zusha about bad customer service anymore, but this one was just classic. We went to buy shoes for the marathon and the lady who served us at the till was on the phone the whole time. Here we are trying to ask questions about the purchase and she is busy yapping away in kikuyu on her phone. Before I could tell my wife to “hold my weave”, lucky for her she hung up. I decided I just had to tell her how rude I found her behaviour. Her response? “Sorry”, that’s it. She then tried to lie to me that it was the bata office she was talking to but I really struggled to even listen to her leave alone believe what she was saying.

5. StumbleUpon of the week

I love StumbleUpon. It is so good to literally stumble upon some really interesting web content. I have posted my best one for the week. Enjoy.

I have no more words. Except maybe, don’t try this at home.

Tuendelee kuongea