When Love Calls You Home – Commissioned

This is an old song but its message is fresh all the time. I love it, this is the true forgiveness God invites us to.


See you Monday

Tuendelee kuongea

The lyrics

Waiting on the edge of your prodigal heart
Wanting for someone to save you from yourself
Out there on the edge dangling somewhere in the darkness
Doubting if anybody really cares
But when Love reached through the shadows
Whispering your name
And nothing will ever be the same again

For when Love calls you home
Forgiveness embraces the past you once owned
And all the mistakes that carried your name are gone
Cos that’s what happens when Love calls you home

Cradled in Your mercy that has no limit
I’ve finally found a place where I belong
Now I can’t imagine one moment without you in it
It’s hard to believe I tried to make it on my own
But You picked me up from the ruins of my broken life
And when every chance was spent You gave me one more try



One response to “When Love Calls You Home – Commissioned

  1. Beautiful song………this one we can listen together and enjoy. Jaymo has found me listening and asked how come I’m singing this one cos he thought the songs you like give me a headache!!! lol.

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