Random five – 10/10/11

Ok so today’s post is late. If you have a problem with that go sit at the corner over there. After cooling off come and read the rest. In case it still bugs you repeat the process until you can read on without fussing. Ok? Good. Welcome back.

Now most of my posts I write of either my laptop or the iPad and mostly in or very near bed. Today I can say I am “on location” at a nice resort in Kisumu called the Duke of Breezes. I am enjoying free wi-fi off their fancy roof-top restaurant. It is all that and a bag of chips I tell you. Great view, great music, great ambience. Ok, so here are my random thoughts for this past week.

1. Steve Jobs

This last week saw two apple related events happen that have shaped tech news. One was the death of Steve Jobs. He died of pancreatic cancer on Wednesday. This disease seems to hit only really great personalities. Remember my post about Randy Pausch? These two have changed the world in their own way and they also have beaten a diagnosis that gives them 6 months to live and they have surpassed that by far. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited an apple store at Galleria and saw a condolence book. I have a feeling that it won’t reach Steve’s (look I’m on first name basis with him) family, but I signed it anyway.

Steve was an awesome guy and will be missed by many. I was however a bit shocked though not surprised by the tributes some of which put him right up there with the saints. The tragic thing about what I believe is that no matter what he accomplished on earth, if he did not accept salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, let’s just say he won’t be making apps in heaven. We can discuss it but hey, that’s what I believe the Bible says.

2. iPhone 4S

This was going to be the big news of the week but it was over-shadowed by Steve Jobs’ death. However, it was still big in its own right. It was initially quite ‘underwhelming’ and would have ended up being quite a disappointment given the anticipation and speculation that preceded the launch. Many were expecting the iPhone 5 to be launched. I will not put a picture here, though you can google it, since there is not visible difference between this iPhone and the iPhone 4. The difference is on the inside. A better camera, faster processor, the 64GB option among other hardware improvements over the iPhone 4. The software, iOS5 which will be available from 12th Oct. also is quite something. The greatest taunted feature of the iOS5 is Siri, the voice operated personal assistant. I found it quite cool, to be able to tell your phone to read your texts, schedule meetings, call contacts? Aiii, what’s next? “iPhone, go to my office, do my work and confirm that everybody is convinced I am the one who did it?”

I had decided that this launch was going to determine whether I was going to ditch apple for Samsung. I have decided to stay. Apple continues to make great products. iOS5 also has an interesting feature called iCloud. This will ensure seamless synchronisation of my iDevices. For example, I take a picture on my iPhone and the picture immediately appears on my iPad. With no action required on my part. How cool is that? Let’s wait and see.

3. Wangari Maathai

She was cremated this Saturday. There is no doubt that she was passionate about what she believed to be her purpose in this world. Some random thoughts. There is a lot of stuff you can find on google about her and her life, so I will only out my thoughts here.

It was interesting to see her ex-husband at the funeral. I would give a bit to find out what was going on in his mind. At the funeral service, Uhuru and Raila hugged, Kalonzo and Ngilu refused to shake hands. One of these two things involving politicians was extremely childish and disrespectful. You decide which one. It was a good thing Moi honoured her by not turning up. TV news showed a clip of Moi talking badly about her when she almost single-handedly stopped Uhuru park from being raped.

Cremation? Well, I suppose to each his own. I have no issue with being cremated myself, just be completely and absolutely sure I am dead. That’s all.

I was awed by this article about the events that occurred two days before she died.

4. Undercover Boss

Today I watched an episode of this show. It is an interesting show where a CEO of an organisation goes undercover and gets a job in his own company to see how life really is for his staff. It is usually mind-boggling the things the bosses discover. Almost every episode, the boss is moved to tears when they realise the amount of sacrifice and passion their staff exhibit as they work alongside them. After that they reveal themselves and make major changes in the lives of their staff and in the way the companies are run. It is an interesting concept. I wonder if it can work in Kenya. I’d love a chance to shout at Bob Collymore at an M-Pesa agent’s shop. “What do you mean you have no float?…”

5. Visa incident

Though this place is very nice. I almost ended up not being allowed to get a room. I asked if I could pay by Visa card and they started telling me that they would charge me 5% more for that. If I was a Kenyan chick I’d be like “What? Hold my weave…”

This is not the first time this has happened to me. There was another establishment that even had the audacity to put their rate like M-Pesa. For 1000 – 3000 we charge 300, for 3000 to… What? I was so angered I called KCB Card centre who said it is illegal for any establishment to charge for the service. The most they can do is refuse to take your card, or deny you discounts, they cannot charge you for the service. Lucky for the receptionist I was not in my “Okoiti Omtatah” self. You would have seen me in the news tonight. Aiii, I am even glad I left this for the last item on this post. ArrrGGHHHHh!

Tuendelee kuongea


4 responses to “Random five – 10/10/11

  1. Nice read. Has actually made my day.
    Ati Steve “wont be making any more apps in heaven” hilarious n interesting take on the issue.
    Bob Collymore an M-pesa agent!
    “What? Hold my weave!”
    Humour was on a roll in this post. Keep up the good writing!

  2. -Interesting reading, better late then never I guess.
    -So u wanna be cremated or u just saying?
    -Steve Jobs cartoon very funny….
    -Steve Joyce on the other hand on under cover bosses really touched me and of course I cried, moved by how he humbled himself and how he got down to identify and do something about his employees, very touched and look fwd to the day that will happen in Kenya.
    -As for Wangari Mathai, God rest her soul. I hope these guys cutting trees behind our backyard are gonna plant more…….

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