Furi Furi Dance – D. K. & Jimmy Gait

This is an amazing video that has been making the rounds in the social media.

I love the energy, the fun, excellent choreography and a wonderful message. I like the ‘retro’ feel and can’t get over the guy dancing without involving his head at 0:27. I also like the ka-old ford classic car. It is like the whole song is a climax, maintaining the energy from beginning to end.

It basically is a song for a believer giving his ‘rife’ ‘furi’ to God.

I don’t have the lyrics yet. Enjoy.

see you Monday.

Tuendelee kuongea


4 responses to “Furi Furi Dance – D. K. & Jimmy Gait

  1. I tried playing the video on mute to see if I will get the whole meaning and what not. Sorry to say it doesn’t make sense. The message doest not come out at all. the shoots are too repetitive with only about six different shots for the whole 3 min 52 seconds (exclude the start (0.3 sec), its the only creatively different part.) We need creativity in the industry. feels like a copy paste of Kode dance, katumbo dance, my call by MOG…

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