Today’s Friday link is from a song that moved me so much from the first time I ever heard it. I have replayed it lots and lots of time. The lyrics are spot on. Have you ever come across a song and thought, “Wow, that is exactly how I would have put it”? If you understand the lyrics and your eyes don’t well up, then either you haven’t fully understood them or you have no heart!


Tuendelee kuongea

PS: What do you think of God’s forgiveness?

Even though the lyrics will show on the video, here they are in full.

Forgiven – True Vibe

Once I didn’t know about you and I wondered where I’d go
If I left this world behind
Then I trembled when I saw the destination of my soul
And on bended kness I cried

Then My inner eyes were open
And I saw my only hopes was too
Believe that you were sent to set me free

And I am forgiven
Yes I know you are risen
And open up the door
Into to heaven
I m forgiven

What a lord you are, a savior full of life
Everlasting king of kings
What a price you paid, to save the souls that took your life
The very ones that you forgave
With your blood you wash me white as snow
And I don’t worry where I’ll go
No power can seperate me from your love

I am forgiven
Yes I know you are risen
And opened the door into heaven
I m forgiven

Look down, look down, please look down on me jesus
I want to thank you an d praise your holy name

I look up, look up, up into the heavens
And i know thats where I m going one day

Cause I am forgiven
Yes I know you are risen
And Opened up the door into heaven

I m forgiven (ooohh)

Yes I know, I am forgiven
I know
I know I can face tomorrow
Because you live
I know I can face my sorrows
Because that love you give

Sweet jesus gave his love to me
Sweet jesus died and set me free

I know


8 responses to “Forgiven

  1. this song is just sooooooooooooooooo deep, can’t find deep enough words for it.. it was introduced to me by one Jennifer Wangeci over ten years ago… I am forgiven… wow!

    • Yes, deep. I had it as my ringtone for the longest time. God’s forgiveness is something many people struggle with. It sounds sometimes too good to be true and we always try to earn it so that it “makes sense”. But He is faithful and His forgiveness is real and final. Thanks Waeni for stopping by.

  2. Sometimes i sit down and think of Christ’s love to His people and i’m just short of words but give thanx. The song blesses many and a deep thought of it can make one shed a tear,like i did the first time i heard it.Thanx for the inspirations and motivating messages. Blessings kibao…….Baraka!!!!!!!

  3. Its a very deep song & unfortunately I must admit that two things i have struggled with in my walk with God are Faith in an Unseen God & forgiveness. I guess someday it will all make sense.

    • It will all make sense in His time, one day at a time. It is sometimes hard to believe that God can forgive us so fully and so unconditionally, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

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