Monkey-proof plan?

Over the next couple of posts I will as promised give you stories I have told many many times and stories that if you don’t know, you are likely to miss out on something quite important if you really wanted to know me well. As I grow older I am finding that this and a few of the following stories were pivotal in my adult life and are for me reference points to keep going back to when I feel lost and disoriented by events and experiences I go through.

The majority of the people I know desire to believe or display that they do believe in a higher power. This, I am beginning to learn, is the politically correct term for God. This is my blog and so I will just call Him God since that is what I am used to calling Him. Changing His name or what I call Him for your sake will rob you of a good understanding of who I am and of the place He has and that I desire Him to have in my life. I can’t imagine for your sake now beginning my prayers thus “My dear heavenly higher power…” plus I think it would really confuse my kids. So. Here’s the deal, I’m a Christian, I love God, leave it that way! Anyway, moving on swiftly, I believe that as my life progresses, there is some sort of master plan that it seems to be following generally that is unfolding on a daily, weekly, annual basis.

As a custom-software developer, I love having a final product that is ready to deploy at a client site. This for me is that highlight of the project as I get to deliver what I believe the client had in mind and now is ready to be useful to the client in his/her business. The look on the face of the soon to be users, probably even lovers of my software is one of joy, satisfaction and great positive expectation of a delightful future. In the late nineties, we had a project that we did for a client that my team and I started to refer to in our very private discussions related to the project as the software tester from hell. This guy seemed to have made it his goal to create scenarios in which our software would either crash or cease to function correctly even temporarily and would sometimes then use those as excuses to not make a payment. It was a good thing at the beginning but after a while it grew to become quite annoying. The guy would call you and say something like, “the software is fine, the reports are good. But there is this one report that hangs especially if, when generating it, you are also pressing alt, h, p, u, and shift and then move the cursor a bit!”. Out of the many similar experiences we had with this client, we added a phase in our processes between testing, debugging and deploying our applications and we called it monkey-proofing. In this phase we would assume we have handed the software to a monkey and he is using the software the way a monkey would. If it passed this stage, then we’re good to go. So we basically were ensuring that the users of our software are unable to ruin it.

So what has that got to do with anything? Well, I believe that God has a plan for my life that he is rolling out day by day.

Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version, ©2011)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Note. Once in a while I will try to subtly impress you with knowledge of scripture (The Bible) by dropping verses. If you fall for it then you obviously don’t know me well enough. This is the first of many such instances to come. You have been warned.

I believe that if as a earthling I try to ensure that my software is monkey-proof, then God Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth, must have also taken the time to monkey-proof His plan for my life. Think with me for a moment. The story of salvation is that man sinned, remember Adam and Eve, and God embarked on a plan to save mankind and restore the relationship He had with His creation. Basically man fell, and fallen man is sinful. You and I are battling in our choices and fighting within ourselves between our sinful nature and the new creation that we become with salvation.

God then would be considered extremely foolish, to the extent of being pitied and not being called God anymore even, if when He was designing a plan for my salvation from sin, He did not take into account that my sinful nature could sabotage or resist such a plan. It would be as foolish as developing a cure for, say, cancer, that is in the form of a pill, that a cancer patient could swallow but as soon as they swallow it, the cancer devours the drug before it starts working. Calling that a cure is absurd.

So I firmly believe that God’s plan for my life and for my salvation is monkey-proof (the monkey here being me). I also believe that with every new day in my life, every new experience, every new lesson, this plan is slowly unfolding.

This post may sound so spiri (overly spiritual), probably too much for some. It may also give you the impression that I am such a deeply spiritual person that I eat, breathe, live etc God daily. How I wish that were the case. In the next few posts, I will relate a few memorable experiences that prove to me beyond any doubt, that there really is someone out there.

Do you have any such experiences? What about your higher power? How do you relate? Pray share in the comment section.

Till next week,

Tuendelee kuongea


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