Tribute to a great woman

Namesake, Susu Velesi with my sis Mueni (Peris)

Susu Velesi, my mum’s mum passed on a few hours after my last post last week.

She was just a blessing to me and many many others.

Though for the last few years it has been very difficult to communicate and relate with her as age continued to weaken her mind and body, I remember all the good times we had with her as we were growing up. I feel I cannot do her justice in terms of tribute, after my sis Mueni, pictured here above with her namesake, did such a wonderful article.

For me, as I have thought about my grandma this week, and even reviewing photos and videos taken with her, I have been wondering about my own life and asking myself strange questions like, would I want to live to be close to a hundred years? Is there a point where it is ok to just rest? What do I have to do till then? Many Many questions.

If you know me well, considering my last post, you will agree that to blog again today, exactly a week after that one, is really a commendable effort. But I am finding myself quite excited about blogging. Partly because of an inner feeling of having so much to say but largely from inspiration from one SavvyKenya. I have not met her yet, but I have followed her blog for quite a long time. Her latest post is just spot on. I feel it was written with me in mind!

So, what is going to be next? What can you expect soon from this blog?

Well, I think a weekly schedule is possible to handle so I am going to do whatever I can to maintain this. In the next few posts I will tell stories that are part of my life that I have told so many times that I am either beginning to forget some details or exaggerate, that are so important to know about if you are to get to know me well. We all have incidents or events or even full seasons in our life that become significant milestones. Some split our history into two, as in, you remember your life in two parts, before that and after.

So I think I will start with a few of those beginning next week. Wacha I go bury Susu Velesi this weekend then we catch up next friday.

PS: Thanks for the 2 comments I got last week. (3 million more than I expected). Tuendelee kuongea!


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